Theo Croker is a Jazz Trumpeter, following in the footsteps of his Grammy award-winning grandfather, Doc Cheatham. His positive spiritual approach to life shines through in his music and his haunting melodies leave you in a state of insightful contemplation. Theo has worked with notable artists such as Roy Hargrove, Dee Dee Bridgewater, J. Cole among several others. Headlining festivals around the world, it is safe to assume that there is plenty more to come from this incredible mind.


"Because of You" Written by T. Croker
Performed by: Theo Croker (trumpet), Anthony Ware (tenor sax), Kassa Overall (drums), Eric Wheeler (bass), Michael King (keys)
Produced by HighBreedMusic ™
Audio recorded, produced, mixed by Tariq Khan
Mastered by Joshua Kessler
Director of Photography Nikki Birch
Filmed by Nikki Birch, Andreas Hofweber, Isaac Campbell, Tariq Khan