With an admirably pure dedication to his craft, Smithsoneon has developed himself to be a true timeless artist in his own right. He possesses a rare authenticity as a vocalist and songwriter, always remaining in harmony with who he is as a human being. Having an impressive history performing with legends like Bilal, Kenny Garrett, and BigYuki, he is also the frontman of Freelance, one of New York’s most talked about and incredible new acts. His own solo music presents an intimate look into the heart, hopes, thoughts, and dreams of this gentle soul who inspires all who listen to want more.


Performed by Smithsoneon (vocals), Chad Selph (keys), Kyle Miles (bass), Bendji Allonce (percussion)
Produced by HighBreedMusic™
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Tariq Khan
Mastered by Joshua Kessler
Filmed by Nikki Birch, Andreas Hofweber, Tariq Khan