Raydar Ellis is an iconic DJ, rapper, and producer mainstay of NYC. He has also helped to change the way people view DJ’s, rappers and producers by becoming the first professor of Hip-Hop at the Berklee School of music, ever. As co-founder of Revive Music, it can be said that he has helped push hip-hop and music in general forward in many more ways than simply being a performer. That being said, his own body of work is steadily growing. Much like Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Ellis manages to touch on deeper political and social issues while still remaining lighthearted, relatable and current.


Performed by: Raydar Ellis (vocals), Ben Williams (bass), Chad Selph (keys), Marcus Machado (guitar), Shawn Dustin (drums)
Written by B. Ellis
Produced by HighBreedMusic™
Produced and mixed by Tariq Khan
Mastered by Joshua Kessler
Recording Engineer: Jacob Zacharia
Director of Photography: Nikki Birch
Photo Credit: Nikki Birch (slideshow), Thumbnail: Deneka Peniston