Randy Runyon, Guitarist, singer/songwriter, and frontman for The Karma Exchange is, to put it mildly, a monster musician. With seemingly disparate influences like Radiohead and Claude deBussy, Runyon brings an equally enthralling and insightful style of playing both to the stage and to the studio. The Karma Exchange, his original power trio, follows in the footsteps of those few acts in history with the ability to bring a serious wall of sound with only three members on the bandstand. Capturing some of the best facets of rock music, soul, and songwriting culture, The Karma Exchange never fails to deliver anything short of addictive melodies, low end grit, and some of the most truly powerful lyrics to match.


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Performed by Randy Runyon (vocals & guitar), Devin Collins (drums), Zak Croxall (bass)
Written by R. Runyon
Produced by HighBreedMusic ™
Recorded, mixed, and produced by: Tariq Khan
Mastered by Joshua Kessler
Filmed by: Nikki Birch, Adam Hardman, Yusuke Suzuki, Tariq Khan
Photo Credit: Tariq Khan, Nikki Birch