Deva is the daughter of blues icon Taj Mahal and Inshirah Mahal, a dancer, artist and educator who Deva refers to as “my rock.” Their support and influence combined with Deva’s inborn passion and soaring talents make her a formidable and inspirational artist. Those remarkable facets come together strikingly on Run Deep, which is composed of ten new songs and a powerful cover of a King/Goffin hit from the 1970s. Deva’s songs are as infectious as they are stirringly personal, placing her powerfully moving voice in the service of raw, vulnerable explorations of resonant emotion.

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PERFORMED BY: Deva Mahal (VOCALS); BUTCHER BROWN: DJ Harrison (RHODES), Corey Fonville (DRUMS), Marcus Tenney (TRUMPET), Andrew Randazzo (BASS), Morgan Burrs (GUITAR)
WRITTEN BY: Deva Mahal
Produced by HighBreedMusic ™
MIXED BY: Tariq Khan
Mastered by Joshua Kessler
Recording Engineer: Jacob Zacharia
VIDEOGRAPHERS: Nikki Birch, Tariq Khan, Miki Takashima, Ahmad Cary, Isaac Campbell
SLIDESHOW PHOTO CREDITS: Nikki Birch; (c) Xavier De Nauw