the hipstones

The Anthea and Mark known as The Hipstones, fronting various seven to nine piece lineups, have garnered accolades and awards internationally for a signature soul aesthetic music that draws inspiration from the James Brown tradition of stone funky grooves, the reflective nature of folk, the sweet concision of pop, and the expressive possibilities of all eras of jazz.

Photo Credits: Andreas Hofweber, Nikki Birch, Alina Gozina
Song performed by: Anthea White (vocals), Mark Palmer (keys and vocals)
Chris Tarry (bass), Dylan Heaney (tenor sax), Josh Deutsch (trumpet)
Tim Stocker (baritone sax), Jordan Perlson (drums)
Song written by: Mark Palmer and Anthea White
Recorded and Mixed by: Tariq Khan
Videographers: Andreas Hofweber, Ben Hunt, Amber Gress, Nikki Birch