soul understated

Led by singer/songwriter Mavis ’SWAN’ Poole and the powerful yet melodic drummer Jeremy ’BEAN’ Clemons, Soul Understated is one of the rarest discoveries in music since Motown. The influences on their music are overwhelming and pleasurable all at once. With elements from EWF to Ella Fitzgerald, Donny Hathaway to Curtis Mayfield, and Sarah Vaughn to Count Basie, and even Hip-hop infused, their music spans across all genres.

Photo Credits: Nikki Birch
Song performed by: Mavis Swan Pool (vocals), Jeremy Bean Clemons (drums)
Josh David (bass), Samir Moulay (guitar), Brian Jackson (rhodes)
Al Strong (trumpet), Bluford Thompson (alto sax), RogiƩrs Fibby (vocals)
Recorded and Mixed by: Tariq Khan
Videographers: Andreas Hofweber, Nikki Birch, Derek Means, Chris Keenan, Alex Formayor