sid sriram

Sid Sriram; A unique example of an artist who took the diy approach to his music and promotion to marvelous effect. Having been trained in classical indian music from a young age, and further educated within the elite atmosphere at Berklee College of Music, Sid is armed with a unique musical palette and skillĀ­set that allows him to blend many different styles of music together creating an unprecedented and enthralling sound for anyone to fall in love with.

Photo Credits: Nikki Birch
Song performed by: Sid Sriram (vocals), Cale Hawkins (keys), Kyle Miles (bass), John Nelon (drums), Sean Tracy (guitar)
Craig Hill, David Ginyard, Yasser Tejeda
Song written by: Sid Sriram
Engineering by: Tariq Khan
Videographers: Andreas Hofweber, Ben Hunt, Nikki Birch, (Dir. Arthur Johnson)