Although he is well known for his own stellar "freestyles," iLLspokinn is an equally talented writer, crafting short stories in poetry form as early as his middle school years. He describes his style as 'clever and confessional.' "Each part of what I do...what I've done as an educator, emcee, as a DJ, as a writer, and just as a human being, has contributed to my success on a larger level...Each element of what I do has opened doors for other elements in other areas."

Photo Credits: Nikki Birch
Song performed by: Illspokinn (vocals), Masayuki Hirano (keys), Lex Sadler (bass)
Sydney Driver (drums), Matthew Hartnett (trombone), David Cinquegrana (guitar)
Kyle Miles (bass), John Nelon (drums), Sean Tracy (guitar)
Song written by: Illspokinn
Recorded and Mixed by: Tariq Khan
Videographers: Nikki Birch, Andreas Hofweber, Corey Crago