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Our mission at HighBreedMusic is to bring incredible, hand-picked artists straight from our stage to your screen without compromising the integrity of our selection process or the artists themselves. Our team of passionate and award-winning professionals are volunteer countless hours doing highly skilled work. We produce original content with hundreds of the greatest non-commercial artists from around the world in a combined effort to build the largest grassroots live-music video platform in history.

How can you help?

We’ve made getting involved easier than ever by partnering with Fractured Atlas, a national organization that supports the arts through fiscal sponsorships. This means that every single donation made is  tax deductible. Please help us continue to bring you amazing new music with either a one-time or recurring monthly donation of any amount.


Our dream is to always run this project without being influenced by, or affiliating artists with socially or environmentally irresponsible corporate sponsors (and we’ve been approached by a few). For this mission to continue to grow, we are seeking funding from organizations and individuals who believe in the value of true artistic freedom. By aligning our hearts with those rare artists who can effortlessly blow audiences minds while refusing to conform to industry expectations, we can affect real positive change. Let’s do it together.